Saturday, October 29, 2016

Life Update

I need to make this post because some people have sent me books to read and I have not yet reviewed them.  And I swear I will, but something came up and I just haven't had the time to read and review your books.

So my grandma had a major cardiac arrest and was in ICU for a week, she had less than 5% chance of survival.  She lived and went to live in a nursing facility.  She wasn't really getting better, and about a week she had a major stroke.  My family and I have been busy trying to take care of her, and I've been helping my mom with her work on top of it because she has so much to do and never has the time.

Also my tablet broke, and if you have sent me a kindle version of your book then that is another reason why.  Both of these happened around the same time, so it's been a pretty bad month and a half for me.

I will try and review everything soon.  And I am so sorry for the delay.


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